Open Invitation to All Salesian Pupils and Past Pupils

Leaving the College... Now you can help to change to world!

Leaving a Salesian School is not the end: it's just the end of the beginning.

You are about to join a 3 million strong worldwide movement of past pupils in over 100 countries. You, and your fellow school leavers, are part of the international Salesian Family - a network of friends you know, and thousands of friends you have yet to meet.

We all share two things - a common heritage from a Salesian education, and a vision that young people can change the world.

Often we only come to appreciate the unique benefits we have gained from Don Bosco's education system after we leave. But then we quickly realise that the values we have received help us to cope better with the pressures of life, and have given us the criteria with which to judge the world in which we live.

Each local association offers you and your friends a wide range of activities so that you can: Membership of the association is free for your first year and while you are a student.

And whether you are at college, university or work, you have the reassurance that we, your friends, are always here for you. Whatever problems life brings, there are Old Salesians who have 'been there, done that' and who want to help.

So to join both the local and international Salesian network, and to help change the world, just contact your local association, and we will send you an application form.

Patrick J Morrissey, National President, Salesian Past Pupils Federation (UK)